The 5 Must Hear Hanson Songs that spark Positivity constantly

Because Hanson shines and sparkles with amazing brilliance. Photo from Edited by Me (Nina)

“Please make more positive songs.” I blurted out a comment to Hanson on their Instagram. Obviously, I was caught up in the moment.

For what seemed like forever, I finally am able to catch up on the music of my most loved band in the world – Hanson.

Thank God for social media and Internet. If not for me adjusting into motherhood and in my pursuit of happiness, I wouldn’t have the chance to find my true self again through their music.

I learned how music is the best way to train the subconscious to gain Positivity and happiness constantly.

To back this up, brain studies proved that music causes more Dopamine (happy hormones) to be released in the brain. Music lights up the entire brain too.

“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” ― Jean Paul Friedrich Richte. Photo from PicsArt Edited by Me (Nina)

Just as Happiness starts in the mind, goes into the heart and radiates into the soul, the music of Hanson does all of that for me.

To my surprise, Hanson definitely has a lot of epic awesome positive songs!

My face when I can’t hide the smile hearing Hanson music. Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash Edited by Me (Nina)

Sure I’ve read about others’ positive music playlist but what about my own? I figured I’d make my own positivity playlist.

The kind that truly makes my heart soar into the highest vibrations and energizes me.

So if ever you needed to be filled with happiness and positivity more, I highly recommend you to listen to these Hanson songs with me:

1.”Feeling Alive.”

“Tonight I won’t stand still. Lift your hands up high. Reach out to the sky.” -Hanson. Photo by xusenru on Pixabay Edited by Me (Nina)

This is one of their captivating songs on their Edition Package called: Play. It’s a piano ballad with stanzas where words are in between being spoken and sung at the same time.

The lyrics signify awakening into one’s own purpose and despite feeling ordinary, decides to take action towards greater pursuits.  The stanzas were sung with intense sense of surrender, loss of direction and weighed down by limitations.

The drum plays steadily like a heartbeat and picks up into a battle march beat. The Pre Chorus answers to the calling of one’s purpose. It is having the courage and determination to pursue it – a battle cry to fight the odds.

The Chorus is a call to have Hope and give your best. It speaks of how pursuing your passion brings people together.  It tells us that there is a humbling honor in pursuing our purpose.

It lights up the world with greater goodness. The song expresses that as we rise and fall, living out our purpose makes us feel more alive than ever.

2. “Joyful Noise.”

“Turn it up. Make joyful noise.” -Hanson. Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash Edited by Me (Nina)

This is another song that stood out to me when I heard it on Play. The song begins with a cheerful and quite upbeat tone of the piano and drums.

The stanzas sung with carefree nonchalance without dismissing the awareness of sadness and pain. It expressed a desire to overcome.

In the chorus, the piano becomes intense. The lyrics compel to wash away the struggles by tuning in to the music that lifts our soul.

The bridge tells us to love and honor who we really are. The second chorus reminds us to break away from our limits so we can find freedom to be our true self.

I feel like the song Joyful Noise refers to life as our own music and as we learn to dance in it regardless of the circumstances, we create our own kind of meaningful happiness.

3.”Fired up.”

“This thing is built like a war machine. We’re not turning around this time, let’s get fired up.” -Hanson. Photo by Skitterphoto on Pixabay Edited by Me (Nina)

This song from their album: Anthem just jumped out to me with its upbeat Rock and Roll vibe. I get such an adrenalin rush in it that I can’t get it off my head.

With the intense guitar and vocals amped up with an upbeat drum, it’s a fight song. It just exudes with strongly believing in oneself and never backing down.

It’s standing up for one’s pursuit of purpose and truth. It is being unstoppable. So much that it calls people to become unstoppable too.

It just loudly tells you to go for your own purpose, passion and truth.

4.”I’ve Got Soul.”

“I’ve got soul. And I’m not afraid to use it.” -Hanson. Photo by greyson joralemon on Unsplash

I was blown away with amazement with this song from Anthem as well. The instrumentals had an overall dance vibe.

It was so full of life and energy. With more intense rhythm and more harmony on vocals in the chorus, it emphasizes strength, courage and believing in oneself.

It is knowing yourself and being fearless to share it to the world. The song inspires me to shine my own light for myself and others.

5.”I was Born.”

“My heart is a weapon and my mind’s electric. I’ll shock the world when you least expect it.” -Hanson. Photo by peter_pyw on Pixabay Edited by Me (Nina)

This is Hanson’s latest song and it empowered me every time I hear it. The acoustics and clapping in it gave me a happy vibe.

The low and steady tone of the guitar and drum builds up and becomes upbeat in the chorus. The intense vocals on the stanzas create a feeling of rising above and breaking limits.

It conveys that life is meant to be lived fully and extraordinarily. The violins played on the bridge part of this song emphasized visualization – having a vision of a fulfilled life and going after it.

The second stanza and Chorus are affirmations of one’s individuality and embracing one’s birthright to a life well lived with greatness too.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” -Plato Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash Edited by Me (Nina)

I could listen, dance and sing to all these songs all day and still want more. I thought that being in College and going into the corporate world have dimmed my inner light as a Hanson fan. I’m so glad these circumstances never did.

It’s amazing how Hanson touched my life positively with their music and changed my life forever ever since Mmmbop. No matter how many years pass, I know that once a Hanson fan, always a Hanson fan.

Our subconscious is a large tip of the iceberg. Master it by always choosing to tune in to Positivity.  Have fun and enjoy these Hanson music videos:

What are your favorite positivity songs? Tell me in the comments. It would be awesome to know yours.

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High Vibes of Happiness, Positivity and Love,


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39 thoughts on “The 5 Must Hear Hanson Songs that spark Positivity constantly

  1. You’re so right- the music we listen to totally affects our moods- haven’t listened to Hanson in years but may give them a revisit now!


    1. thank you. ^_^ so true. I choose to to listen to positive music now. Hanson has so many awesome music ever since they’ve become an independent band.


    1. Thank you. 😃 It’s cool and all good. I’m a fan reunited to their music again. They’ve become an independent band under their own record company. They’re still making music until now but they cater more to their fan base. They got so many amazing songs. You won’t regret the quality of their music.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😃I’m all for positive music too. I also listen to other genre but Hanson’s my fave. There’s just something about their music that’s so energizing and high vibes. They make high quality music.


  2. Music has helped me ease so much stress and clear my mind. You just have me hints to new and great songs.. off to listen.. Thank you


    1. Oh my gosh, really? 😃 Would be so cool if you could. You’d be surprised they got lots of great songs. They weren’t advertised because they’ve been an independent band ever since they got their own record company.


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