3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge Day 2


I’d like to say thank you Laura. I am honored and really grateful that you thought of nominating me for this challenge. ^_^

I must say you’ll love her blog, “Amazing Journey” It’s amazingly inspiring and enlightening.

If you’re curious as me, this is a blogging game for bloggers. The best part? It’s all for the spirit of Positivity and connecting with each other.

For the nominees, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

You can always use this article as template as you go along with this challenge.

For the Day 2, here’s my quote:


When you’re down,exhausted and wanting to give up, you may want to speak this Bible verse in your heart and mind. This always gets me through anything and everything.

Nothing is too hard, scary, sad or painful when Jesus is with us. Looking back at the tough times, I thought I’d never make it. I’m always grateful that I’m still here and I did well.

I used to wonder where I got all the strength to accomplish my endeavors. I realized that it was God’s strength working through me.

I know God will keep on making me strong to  do many good things for His glory. I’ve tasted the sweetness and bitter parts of life but none of these matter because I live for God now.

His words breathe life to me, energizing me and keeping me well for my loved ones and the world that I wish to serve with Positivity.

To my nominees for Day 2, feel free to join the fun:

1. Crystal Paterson “Courageously Navigating Life”
2. Sheila Price “Practigal”
3. Jasmine Nicole “The Crowning Glory”

Please take a look into these amazing blogs. You just might love them as much as I do.

To All Dreams Coming True with Success and Happiness,


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