3 Day, 3 Quotes Blog Challenge Day 3


Before anything else, I give my sincerest thanks to Laura. It was truly a humbling and fun experience to be a nominee for this challenge. Thank you for choosing me to be part of this. ^_^

You’ll definitely love her blog, “Amazing Journey” . It is brilliant and very inspiring.

If you’re curious as me, this is a blogging game for bloggers. The best part? It’s all for the spirit of Positivity and connecting with each other.

For the nominees, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

You can always use this article as template as you go along with this challenge.

For my 3rd and final day of this challenge, I leave you my 3rd favorite quote:


I love that God’s Word guides me to the right way of thinking and direction to a good life. This Bible verse clarifies to me the exact qualities of a Positive mindset. Whenever we get feelings of unworthiness, hopeless and lack of abundance. Never believe these lies! The enemy has been deceiving us too long.

The truth? We are all worthy of the greatest love, happiness and abundance! (John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”)

If God thought of saving you and me then we must be so special in His eyes. Yes, you! Me! Imagine that. God shows you that you’re worth everything. He looks at you and me as someone precious and dear. Let’s begin to value God, ourselves and everyone the same way.

When we learn the truth that comes from God, our thoughts become focused on being noble. We form our values, purpose and act on them. (Isaiah 32:8 But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.(NIV))

Gratitude, Love, Faith, Happiness, Mindfulness, Excellence, Truth, Creativity and Determination are my values. From these I discovered I could strive to be a better mom, daughter, sister, friend and wife to my loved ones.

I use my gift of writing and graphic designing to inspire people. So here I am in my simple ways, I keep on blogging to shine light to the world.

Our thoughts become right when we direct them towards our purpose. We become more helpful and loving because it is the right thing to do. Our intentions become pure because we are moved by kindness.

As we become filled with kindness,we begin to see the wonders of God, ourselves, others and the world as lovely. We awaken to become our higher selves with admirable qualities. These helps us to do more good things with excellence.

Our lives become meaningfully praiseworthy to God, ourselves and others. See how these qualities of a positive mindset works? It’s like a Domino effect and the aftermath? A great life.

So there, this is my 3rd Quote for this Blogging challenge.

My nominees for today are:

1. Henrik Edberg “The Positivity Blog”
2. Kamapala Chukwuka
3. Sharlene and Josh “ThroughREyesBlog”

They’ve got amazing blogs that you would really enjoy!

To beautiful thoughts and a lovely life,


©TheRisingBliss 2018 All Rights Reserved on this article except cited photographs, Bible verses, website links and videos. I give all credit to the Bible, photographers, bloggers of the web links mentioned and video owners.


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