Heart and Soul Speak to my Loving God

Hi Daddy God,

Hallelujah. Praise to you forever. Happy Father’s day, Abba. You are great, wonderful, amazing, kind, awesome, just, merciful, perfect and holy. I adore and exalt you in my troubled and blessed times, Lord.

Thank you for your grace through Jesus. I can never be perfect but I can never turn away from you. I fail many times but I pray you forgive and change me.

My mind, heart, soul and body are a mess with all the chores and caring. You know the struggles and battles I fight everyday. I try so hard to glorify you with every task I fulfill.

Life’s hard but you are in control. You are my refuge, strength, comforter, peace, joy and my eternal life. You know my heart. You lift me when I’m so down and when I cry. You never let anyone and anything snatch me away from you. I await with hope until Jesus comes back to take us home to heaven someday soon.

I love you God. I really do.

Please help me to love you, my kids, husband and others as you will me to love even when my flesh fails me.

So imperfect and insanely exhausted with love,

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