About Me


Nina is a passionate creative writer of the poetry book “Ink Blots” and the fantasy novel “The Cross Over Worlds” on Wattpad.

Whenever she gets the chance, Nina sings acapella of her favorite songs, dances to music, reads funny novels and self development books.

She likes watching comedy films and motivational videos.

A dessert and snack loving introvert who enjoys eating pizza, pop corn, fries, veggie salads, pesto and cheese cake.

She’s crazy over cold drinks! Her fave drinks are fruit smoothies and Starbucks dark mocha or Java chip frappucino.

She likes dressing up in her own style and loves perfumes.

Quirk Alert: A quiet person with a loud and creative mind.

A wordsmith who makes great conversation with herself.

A dreamer who dares to make her dreams a reality.