The “Desiderata” ways to Awaken A Constantly Happier Life!

Dream awake passionately. Dream only the best dreams.

Desiderata (coming from Desideratum, meaning something desired) was a poem that stuck to me when I came across it during my Senior high school.

Something about it was fascinating so I kept it as one of my favorite poem. Years later, here I am writing about how it means to me in terms of Happiness.

1. d1final

Keep an inner stillness and calmness in life. Take time to be aware and realize what really matters to you.

Silence your mind from disruptive distractions like rushing too much and superficial and temporary worldly things.

2. d2

Be peaceful with everyone. Always show kindness and respect.

3. d3

 Let your values, attitude, accomplishments and good actions speak for you. Give value to others because we all go through struggles that no one knows about.

4. d4

Shut off negativity, rudeness, complaining, gossip and senseless noise. These cause irrational fears, limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, unhappiness, dullness and a victim mentality.

Tune in only to those that lights up the soul with Positivity.

5. d5

Comparison kills happiness. It causes anger, anxiety, arrogance, deceit, envy, hatred, jealousy, insecurity and sadness.

It is more constructive to believe that no one is ever really better or less than anyone – just different.

When we go down our high horse and step up from our low ground, we’ll treat ourselves and one another better.


Screw false modesty. Celebrate little and grand tasks or goals you’ve succeeded. Create a plan to achieve your life goals.

Be excited and have fun completing your tasks towards it.


Stay passionate, dedicated, focused and determined in your job and goals. These keep you grounded and secure regardless of circumstances.

8. d8

Be mindful of sharing your goals only to likeminded people.

Remain quiet about your goals in your dealings with others who may have not awakened to their purpose and life goals yet.

Some may tend to project limiting beliefs, create distractions and discouragement as you improve yourself.

Even so, there’s always a few people who are on the same journey to self development as you and those that help share inspiration. Find people who lights up with you.

9. d9

Be honest with who you are. Stay aligned to your values, words, thoughts, feelings and actions.


Believe that you are worthy of giving and receiving true love. It is the only thing that lasts even when everything else falls apart.



Accept the wisdom that growing up gives you. Respect the past youthfulness. Leave immaturity behind and be willing to grow.


Have a strong faith to keep the negativity away. Live meaningfully towards a goal. Remember to love, forgive, value and honor yourself too.


You are part of life’s grand plan. Embrace your value and worthiness. You are destined to fulfill your life purpose.

It is your birthright to succeed and all the experiences in your life leads you to grow into your higher self for your highest good.

14. d14

Know that God is looking after you and will never fail you. Connect, acknowledge and call on this Greater Force to strengthen you.

Stay the course of achieving your goal no matter the odds are.

15. d15

Life is always an amazing miracle regardless of how it has been tainted with worldliness and superficiality.

Remember to see the beauty of life and let it fill you with grateful joy. Always look for the good in all things and choose happiness.

That’s it. I agree mostly with how Max Ehrmann,(the poet who wrote Desiderata) stated a Happy and meaningful life. I hope this poem inspired you just as I did.

Other than this, I’d rather regard all people as having kindness and potential for greatness. God told me to love everyone as He loves us all.

To be merciful to those who have hurt me. But that’s another story for one of my upcoming posts.

Which poems are your favorite and why? Would be great to know from you in the comments.

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The 5 Godly Ways to Lasting Happiness that fills the Soul

We are God’s children. His love lights up our soul. Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash Edited by Me (Nina)

There is no greater joy than truly having a deep and personal relationship with God – A great bond that is based on understanding Him and His great love for us. It is the kind of happiness that nothing in this world could ever measure.

God is happiness that is beyond compare. Happiness that stays, uplifts, empowers, nourishes and lights up the soul. It is happiness that is forever, secure, strong and unshakeable regardless of circumstances.

Even Science confirms this. Out of well designed research, 79% proved that a strong faith and being active in God’s works relates to higher emotional well-being, happiness and satisfaction in life.

On top of Happiness that comes from God, more research conducted between 1987 and 1995 confirmed that 21,000 adults who served God lived seven years longer.

What’s more is that Dr. Viktor Frankl wrote in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” about how his Faith in God helped him survive in a Nazi concentration camp.

Remember the times your days were great, you have all you need and even more? That’s God making you smile and happy ever since He created you.

Only God completes us. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

But what about those really painful things that happened? It was the enemy making you turn away from God. The enemy is working its way through other people to deceive you and destroy your soul. (John 8:44).

Often times because of the troubles caused by the enemy, we fall into this trap of blaming God. You see, God will never ever harm us. God loves us.

He only wants the highest good for us. He believes in us that even if the enemy tries to harm us, we will choose to always do the right thing.

You are special, worthy, valuable, beautiful and lovely. That’s how God sees you. That’s how He’ll let you see yourself and everyone through His eyes.

No matter what the lies of the enemy has told you to believe for so long, God always always loves you. His love is so great and true that He would send Jesus to save us from sin. (John 3:16).

God holds us closest to His heart. Photo by RitaE on Pixabay

The enemy was so jealous that he defiled our soul to keep us far away from God. We’ve become so impure that we are shamed to go to Him.

As God is just and merciful, He had to punish us because of our sins. He could have easily condemned us but God sent Jesus to take the punishment for us.

Through Jesus our souls are cleansed to be alive with eternal life and free from condemnation.

God’s  love for us is deep, perfect and pure. Photo by 12019 on Pixabay.

Our happily ever after with God awaits! Here’s how:


We are our strongest when we call on God in good and not so good times. Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Seek God by praying. Pray to God with thankfulness, praise and repentance. Remember to be grateful to Him. His goodness gives us life.

The wonders of his love are truly praise worthy. Be truly sorry for all the wrong doings and decide to change them.

Ask God to reveal himself to you and help you fully understand. The Holy Spirit of God will open your mind and heart.

God will give you wisdom.  He will guide your actions and show you the truth. He will awaken you to a beautiful life. (Proverbs 8:17)


Being in God’s presence is the best feeling ever. Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

Go to church to give thanks and praise to God. It is all about you communing with God with your whole heart, mind, soul and body.

Connect with a deeper and personal relationship with God.

3.Let God Speak.

Be guided in God’s truth through the Bible. Photo by HoliHo on Pixabay

God speaks through the Bible. He answers us all the time. He loves spending time speaking with us. For beginners in Faith like me, choose a New International Version of the Bible.

Make a devotion to read and understand God’s word everyday first thing in the morning. Start by reading a verse and reflect on it. Write the Bible verse and your reflections in a journal.

Conversations with God enlightens and empowers. Photo by designbyjess on Pixabay

4.Join a Prayer and Bible Study Group.

Live God’s truth and share the faith with believers of God. Photo by on Pexels hands

Have fellowship with people who know and live God’s word. Be with people who share God’s word. Learn and grow with them.

5. Serve in God’s ministry.

Play music, dance and sing for God’s glory! Photo by Suvan Chowdhury on Pixabay

Use your talents, skills and passion to actively share God’s word in the Church. You can join either a music, multimedia or preaching ministry.

Serve God with people who share their skills to bring people closer to God.

God loves to cheer us up. He gives us everlasting joy and shares His heavenly kingdom with us. God gives us desires that are good for us and more.

We just need to truly be willing to really know God so we can fully accept Jesus in our lives.  And when we do, life becomes meaningfully happy.

Which of these ways make you feel closer to God? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments and I’ll tell you mine. ^_^

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3 Day, 3 Quotes Blog Challenge Day 3


Before anything else, I give my sincerest thanks to Laura. It was truly a humbling and fun experience to be a nominee for this challenge. Thank you for choosing me to be part of this. ^_^

You’ll definitely love her blog, “Amazing Journey” . It is brilliant and very inspiring.

If you’re curious as me, this is a blogging game for bloggers. The best part? It’s all for the spirit of Positivity and connecting with each other.

For the nominees, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

You can always use this article as template as you go along with this challenge.

For my 3rd and final day of this challenge, I leave you my 3rd favorite quote:


I love that God’s Word guides me to the right way of thinking and direction to a good life. This Bible verse clarifies to me the exact qualities of a Positive mindset. Whenever we get feelings of unworthiness, hopeless and lack of abundance. Never believe these lies! The enemy has been deceiving us too long.

The truth? We are all worthy of the greatest love, happiness and abundance! (John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”)

If God thought of saving you and me then we must be so special in His eyes. Yes, you! Me! Imagine that. God shows you that you’re worth everything. He looks at you and me as someone precious and dear. Let’s begin to value God, ourselves and everyone the same way.

When we learn the truth that comes from God, our thoughts become focused on being noble. We form our values, purpose and act on them. (Isaiah 32:8 But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.(NIV))

Gratitude, Love, Faith, Happiness, Mindfulness, Excellence, Truth, Creativity and Determination are my values. From these I discovered I could strive to be a better mom, daughter, sister, friend and wife to my loved ones.

I use my gift of writing and graphic designing to inspire people. So here I am in my simple ways, I keep on blogging to shine light to the world.

Our thoughts become right when we direct them towards our purpose. We become more helpful and loving because it is the right thing to do. Our intentions become pure because we are moved by kindness.

As we become filled with kindness,we begin to see the wonders of God, ourselves, others and the world as lovely. We awaken to become our higher selves with admirable qualities. These helps us to do more good things with excellence.

Our lives become meaningfully praiseworthy to God, ourselves and others. See how these qualities of a positive mindset works? It’s like a Domino effect and the aftermath? A great life.

So there, this is my 3rd Quote for this Blogging challenge.

My nominees for today are:

1. Henrik Edberg “The Positivity Blog”
2. Kamapala Chukwuka
3. Sharlene and Josh “ThroughREyesBlog”

They’ve got amazing blogs that you would really enjoy!

To beautiful thoughts and a lovely life,


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3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge Day 2


I’d like to say thank you Laura. I am honored and really grateful that you thought of nominating me for this challenge. ^_^

I must say you’ll love her blog, “Amazing Journey” It’s amazingly inspiring and enlightening.

If you’re curious as me, this is a blogging game for bloggers. The best part? It’s all for the spirit of Positivity and connecting with each other.

For the nominees, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

You can always use this article as template as you go along with this challenge.

For the Day 2, here’s my quote:


When you’re down,exhausted and wanting to give up, you may want to speak this Bible verse in your heart and mind. This always gets me through anything and everything.

Nothing is too hard, scary, sad or painful when Jesus is with us. Looking back at the tough times, I thought I’d never make it. I’m always grateful that I’m still here and I did well.

I used to wonder where I got all the strength to accomplish my endeavors. I realized that it was God’s strength working through me.

I know God will keep on making me strong to  do many good things for His glory. I’ve tasted the sweetness and bitter parts of life but none of these matter because I live for God now.

His words breathe life to me, energizing me and keeping me well for my loved ones and the world that I wish to serve with Positivity.

To my nominees for Day 2, feel free to join the fun:

1. Crystal Paterson “Courageously Navigating Life”
2. Sheila Price “Practigal”
3. Jasmine Nicole “The Crowning Glory”

Please take a look into these amazing blogs. You just might love them as much as I do.

To All Dreams Coming True with Success and Happiness,


Three Day, Three Quotes Challenge


Hi Laura! Thank you for nominating me for this challenge. So grateful to be able to join the fun this time.

If you’re all for Happiness, positivity and inspiration, you’re so going to love Laura’s blog, “Amazing Journey.” 

If you’re curious as me, this is a blogging game for bloggers. The best part? It’s all for the spirit of Positivity and connecting with each other.

For the nominees, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

You can always use this article as template as you go along with this challenge.

So, let the fun begin! My quote for Day 1:


God is the source of all the love, peace, happiness, abundance, great health and blessings. Our gratitude should always be directed towards Him.

We receive all the goodness in our lives because we have a God who is kind and loves us with an everlasting love.

God gives me indescribable joy because He provides me so many things, circumstances, people and blessings to be thankful for.

My nominees are:

  1. Carly “Beauty and the Toddler”
  2. April Stearns “The Seeds 4 Life”
  3. Phoebe “Wander The Arctic”

Congratulations to my nominees!

There’s no timeline for this and it’s up to you if you’d want to join.

You can always look into the blogs of my nominees. They’re epic awesome.

Happiness and Awesomeness,


The 5 Must Hear Hanson Songs that spark Positivity constantly

Because Hanson shines and sparkles with amazing brilliance. Photo from Edited by Me (Nina)

“Please make more positive songs.” I blurted out a comment to Hanson on their Instagram. Obviously, I was caught up in the moment.

For what seemed like forever, I finally am able to catch up on the music of my most loved band in the world – Hanson.

Thank God for social media and Internet. If not for me adjusting into motherhood and in my pursuit of happiness, I wouldn’t have the chance to find my true self again through their music.

I learned how music is the best way to train the subconscious to gain Positivity and happiness constantly.

To back this up, brain studies proved that music causes more Dopamine (happy hormones) to be released in the brain. Music lights up the entire brain too.

“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” ― Jean Paul Friedrich Richte. Photo from PicsArt Edited by Me (Nina)

Just as Happiness starts in the mind, goes into the heart and radiates into the soul, the music of Hanson does all of that for me.

To my surprise, Hanson definitely has a lot of epic awesome positive songs!

My face when I can’t hide the smile hearing Hanson music. Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash Edited by Me (Nina)

Sure I’ve read about others’ positive music playlist but what about my own? I figured I’d make my own positivity playlist.

The kind that truly makes my heart soar into the highest vibrations and energizes me.

So if ever you needed to be filled with happiness and positivity more, I highly recommend you to listen to these Hanson songs with me:

1.”Feeling Alive.”

“Tonight I won’t stand still. Lift your hands up high. Reach out to the sky.” -Hanson. Photo by xusenru on Pixabay Edited by Me (Nina)

This is one of their captivating songs on their Edition Package called: Play. It’s a piano ballad with stanzas where words are in between being spoken and sung at the same time.

The lyrics signify awakening into one’s own purpose and despite feeling ordinary, decides to take action towards greater pursuits.  The stanzas were sung with intense sense of surrender, loss of direction and weighed down by limitations.

The drum plays steadily like a heartbeat and picks up into a battle march beat. The Pre Chorus answers to the calling of one’s purpose. It is having the courage and determination to pursue it – a battle cry to fight the odds.

The Chorus is a call to have Hope and give your best. It speaks of how pursuing your passion brings people together.  It tells us that there is a humbling honor in pursuing our purpose.

It lights up the world with greater goodness. The song expresses that as we rise and fall, living out our purpose makes us feel more alive than ever.

2. “Joyful Noise.”

“Turn it up. Make joyful noise.” -Hanson. Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash Edited by Me (Nina)

This is another song that stood out to me when I heard it on Play. The song begins with a cheerful and quite upbeat tone of the piano and drums.

The stanzas sung with carefree nonchalance without dismissing the awareness of sadness and pain. It expressed a desire to overcome.

In the chorus, the piano becomes intense. The lyrics compel to wash away the struggles by tuning in to the music that lifts our soul.

The bridge tells us to love and honor who we really are. The second chorus reminds us to break away from our limits so we can find freedom to be our true self.

I feel like the song Joyful Noise refers to life as our own music and as we learn to dance in it regardless of the circumstances, we create our own kind of meaningful happiness.

3.”Fired up.”

“This thing is built like a war machine. We’re not turning around this time, let’s get fired up.” -Hanson. Photo by Skitterphoto on Pixabay Edited by Me (Nina)

This song from their album: Anthem just jumped out to me with its upbeat Rock and Roll vibe. I get such an adrenalin rush in it that I can’t get it off my head.

With the intense guitar and vocals amped up with an upbeat drum, it’s a fight song. It just exudes with strongly believing in oneself and never backing down.

It’s standing up for one’s pursuit of purpose and truth. It is being unstoppable. So much that it calls people to become unstoppable too.

It just loudly tells you to go for your own purpose, passion and truth.

4.”I’ve Got Soul.”

“I’ve got soul. And I’m not afraid to use it.” -Hanson. Photo by greyson joralemon on Unsplash

I was blown away with amazement with this song from Anthem as well. The instrumentals had an overall dance vibe.

It was so full of life and energy. With more intense rhythm and more harmony on vocals in the chorus, it emphasizes strength, courage and believing in oneself.

It is knowing yourself and being fearless to share it to the world. The song inspires me to shine my own light for myself and others.

5.”I was Born.”

“My heart is a weapon and my mind’s electric. I’ll shock the world when you least expect it.” -Hanson. Photo by peter_pyw on Pixabay Edited by Me (Nina)

This is Hanson’s latest song and it empowered me every time I hear it. The acoustics and clapping in it gave me a happy vibe.

The low and steady tone of the guitar and drum builds up and becomes upbeat in the chorus. The intense vocals on the stanzas create a feeling of rising above and breaking limits.

It conveys that life is meant to be lived fully and extraordinarily. The violins played on the bridge part of this song emphasized visualization – having a vision of a fulfilled life and going after it.

The second stanza and Chorus are affirmations of one’s individuality and embracing one’s birthright to a life well lived with greatness too.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” -Plato Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash Edited by Me (Nina)

I could listen, dance and sing to all these songs all day and still want more. I thought that being in College and going into the corporate world have dimmed my inner light as a Hanson fan. I’m so glad these circumstances never did.

It’s amazing how Hanson touched my life positively with their music and changed my life forever ever since Mmmbop. No matter how many years pass, I know that once a Hanson fan, always a Hanson fan.

Our subconscious is a large tip of the iceberg. Master it by always choosing to tune in to Positivity.  Have fun and enjoy these Hanson music videos:

What are your favorite positivity songs? Tell me in the comments. It would be awesome to know yours.

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High Vibes of Happiness, Positivity and Love,


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Know why Struggles and Sufferings happen – Be Grateful to be Alive!

Deal and Chill. When you know everything falls into the right place and trust that you’ll always overcome.  Photo from Pixabay.

Why should we be grateful to be alive when there are struggles and suffering? I’ve always been the kind who wondered and tried to make sense of life.

The same way that one of you dear readers, Heavylines have asked, this question is one of the many that I asked myself too. Gratitude. Really? Even on so called “bad” days and my struggles?

Lost in my thoughts about figuring out life.

Of course for the life of me, my old (pessimistic, cynical, melancholic, overly critical and complaining) self couldn’t understand.

The idea was just so ridiculously absurd. I knew I had to get to the bottom of understanding why suffering and struggles happen in the first place.

Do you know those difficult, rude or really mean people in our lives? Well believe it or not they are part of our Soul Contract.

Soul Contracts bind us to the lessons of life through sufferings and struggles. Photo by icame on Pixabay.

By this I mean that before we’re born into this lifetime, we may not recall this at all but our soul has created an agreement with other souls about the kind of lessons that we need to learn.

This is so we can evolve into our higher self. Unless we learn the lesson we’re supposed to learn from these people, it seems these kinds of people will keep showing up into our life or the next lifetime.

Although that part is already meant to happen, we all still have the power of choice to face and learn from these people.

Only then do we stop being a victim to how others treat us. We become the higher self that we are supposed to be.

Remember how I told you about the Immutable Universal Laws? Some of these clarify why struggles and sufferings exist.

All good and bad circumstances begin in the mind. Photo by ivanacoi on Pixabay.

The Law of Cause and Effect explains that most of our struggles and sufferings are because of the consequences of our actions.

Every thought, feeling, words we speak and actions we do either good or bad always comes back to us.

When we subconsciously operate in fear, anger, pain, sadness, jealousy, weakness, victimhood, apathy and all the negativity, more circumstances like these will keep happening.

Our  actions affect others directly and indirectly. Photo by PublicDomainPictures/18042 on Pixabay.

Sadly, even the innocent and good people become the receiving end of such. Our negativity hurts us and the good people around us too because we are all one.

We are connected to one another as the Law of Oneness puts it.

We bloom into the best versions of ourselves after every rain. Photo by Papaver rhoeas on Unsplash.

The Law of Rhythm shows that just like the seasons change, we experience struggles and hardships because we go through phases of growth.

There will be times that things seem to fall apart. This is necessary as a turning point to make positive changes in our lives. It pushes us to look hard into ourselves and still keep moving despite our hardships.

All these struggles and sufferings are temporary as long as we decide to overcome them. We come out stronger and wiser than ever.

Without darkness, we cannot seek and value the light. Photo by 29450 on Pixabay.

The Law of Polarity also plays a part where our struggles and sufferings need to exist.

By having experiences we dislike, we would know the kind of life we really desire. It helps us have a clear and solid focus of what we truly want our lives to be.

We are triumphant over struggles and sufferings with God on our side. Photo by jeffjacobs1990 on Pixabay.

What about war, crimes, natural disasters, diseases, birth defects, oppression and dark spirit possession kind of struggles and suffering?

These are all consequences of all our sins. All, meaning the sin of the entire mankind in general. Our sins kept us cursed and condemned with struggling, suffering and death.

At the same time these struggles and sufferings are tests of faith for those who believe in God. Struggles and sufferings also happen for non believers to see and learn to rely on God’s saving grace.

How can we lessen the struggles and sufferings? List these difficult people and circumstances in your life and write down what lesson you need to learn from these.

Writing unlocks the subconscious and transcends the soul into the higher self. Photo by designedbyjess on Pixabay,

Apply these life lessons when circumstances come up. Forgive these people and circumstances. Send these difficult people unconditional love and light from a distance.

When you start to think and feel negatively, replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

Love conquers darkness. Photo by stokpic on Pexels.

Choose to act with kindness. Immerse yourself in positive music, books, movies, tv shows and positive people. Focus on being grateful.

Take a break or do more things that you enjoy. Love yourself more by eating healthier, sleeping better, appreciating your simple accomplishments and treating yourself with kindness.

Write a vision of the life of your dreams. Create a plan and simple tasks you can do to achieve them. Keep acting on your dreams. Celebrate your simple successes.

Life’s struggles and suffering has got nothing on us when we become one with God. Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

Reflect on your sins. Repent and pray for forgiveness. Stop committing sins as much as possible. Do more good things and spend time to know God.

Grow in faith and deep relationship with God.

Understanding the reason for all the struggles and suffering, why be grateful of being alive?

Life is still beautiful. Choose to stay joyful regardless of struggles and sufferings.
Photo by Daniel Xavier on Pexels.

Being alive simply means we have a fighting chance to change our circumstances.

We learn to become powerful creators of the life we desire and help others become one too. The fact that we are breathing means God through Jesus Christ saved us and paid for our sins so we can live freely.

We live because we are loved, supported, accepted and protected. We are worthy of being saved from sin. We are meant to be part of something bigger.

We shine the brightest by overcoming darker days. Photo by its me neosiam on Pexels.

Being alive shows that we have already won the battle of life even before it started. All the struggles and sufferings mean growth and transformation into our higher self.

Instead of being angry at God, ourselves and the world, instead of hating life and refusing to live, instead of playing the victim and pitying ourselves and everything, why not set and take actions to make things better?

We are born winners. We have everything in us to succeed. Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.

Wonderful breakthroughs come when we surpass beyond our breakdowns. Just take positive actions and keep at it, we are never alone.

We have an Infinite God (Source Energy, Divine Creator or Life Source) guardian angels and spirit guides looking after us.

So what’s there to fear and worry about doing good things and being positive? God (the Universe) always has your back.

Everything happens for you. Use these experiences to live the life of your dreams. No matter the outcome, there’s nothing to lose but greater lessons to gain.

With self growth comes happiness, great health, love, peace and abundance.

What are your thoughts? By all means, write your comments. Let’s talk.

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Endless Love and Peace,


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The 4 Sure fire Ways to a Happiness Mindset

There is power in a Happiness Mindset! We are happy as we choose to be. Photo by bruce mars on Pexels

Was there a time when your mind and body tells you that you can’t do a certain task (the mandatory school requirement, daunting chores, business or work task even personal goals) but you did it anyway?

What’s more is that to your surprise, you did it really well. With flying colors.

Our mind says a million lies. It tells us our limits to keep us safe.

These thoughts of doubts, fear, unworthiness, guilt, shame and worry hold us back from living our desired reality.

A Happiness mindset means breaking free and taking your power back from limiting thoughts.

I’m just going to tell you this truth. You are smarter than your mind.

Go beyond your thoughts and try. It’s about time that you take power over your mind.

I struggled with low pain tolerance but I endured vaccines and Cesarean operation for my child.

I get exhausted easily but I withstand doing most chores and caring for my child with few hours of sleep.

I’m an introvert but guess what, I learned to like being around people.

I’m an empath and I transmute dark energy with my loving light. I said I’d publish my poetry book and novel.

Life got in the way (got sidetracked and everything) but guess what? In 4 years time, I published them online.

It happened. No matter how long it took, I made it happen.

If you’d like to know how to tame your thoughts to your advantage, here’s what we can always do to have a happiness mindset:

1.Awaken your Higher Self through Mindfulness.

An enlightened mind is essential to a Happiness Mindset. Photo by Raechel Romero on Unsplash

Mindfulness is being in the moment and consciously aware of ourselves without any judgement. It is mainly done through Meditation.

Start small and simple by using a 5 to 10 minutes guided meditation on You Tube or a meditation application like Headspace.

You can do this on your rest days first thing when you wake up and before sleeping.

When we meditate we calm the mind and have a sense of inner peace. It creates feelings of positivity.

We become healthier, more focused, have greater intuition, better understanding of ourselves and have stronger connection with God.

2.Smash Your Limiting Beliefs.

A Happiness Mindset is awakened through rewriting your own Empowering story. Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Reframe your Limiting beliefs into Empowering beliefs. You can do this by writing down 5 limiting beliefs each about yourself, family, love, health and money.

For each Limiting belief, think of ways how this cannot be true in general. Cross out those Limiting Beliefs one at a time.

Write a positive truth and make it your Empowering belief from now on. For instance a limiting belief that says “You need to work hard to earn money.”

There are people earning so much money doing their passion for a living. Other people earn through investing in stocks.

This lets them earn passively without having to work so hard.

Replace such belief into an Empowering Belief: “Money can be earned by enjoying your passion or through passive income.”

3.Train your Subconscious.

I am a limited kind of awesome.png
Embrace and speak well of your true inner brilliance.

Affirmations are positive statements that condition the mind consciously and subconsciously to develop improved actions, habits and feelings.

Choose which part of yourself you’d like to improve in terms of self-love, health, relationships and money.

Find 1 or 2 affirmation that suits best the aspect of your life you’d like to improve.

Take time alone to say these affirmations to yourself out loud with feelings 10 times every day.

A Happiness Mindset creates greater blessings when you love the greatness in you. Photo by bruce mars on Pexels

Say it and really mean it from your heart. You can do this while you look in the mirror by yourself.

You can also write these affirmations in your journal 10 times straight. Write these every day.

You can also repeat these affirmations in your mind while waiting in line some place safe, washing the dishes or sweeping the floor.

At first, it may seem to feel fake saying and writing these affirmations but keep going. You know better than your mind.

Gradually soon enough, your mind would stop resisting and agree along with these affirmations.

You start becoming your higher self – you uncover the awesome brilliance that is in you all along.

You can either make your own or try these Affirmations that I made.

Self Love and Self Worth: 

  • I am worthy of happiness, abundance, love, peace and great health.
  • I am beautiful, awesome and brilliant in my own way.
  • I love myself unconditionally.


  • I am strong, energetic and healthy.
  • I always feel great about my body.
  • I feel alive and well every day.


  • I am loved and supported by the people around me.
  • I am always appreciated and accepted as I am.


  • I am richly blessed in many ways.
  • Money is always overflowing to me.

Saying these affirmations allow your mind to think more positively. It transforms your outside world by starting with your inner reality.

You would notice that you treat yourself better either by eating healthy, sleeping well, drinking more water, doing exercises, engaging in hobbies that make you happy and people, ideas and opportunities are coming up to you.

The Universe begins to conspire to give you all that you need, the nudges for you to act and receive your desires.

You just need to listen and follow through those nudges. These always are positive nudges.

Soon enough, life starts to become what you decide to make of it.

4.Speak the language of Positivity.

Positive words and Happiness mindset brings miracles into existence. Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels

Positive wording is choosing to speak mostly good about everyone and everything including about yourself.

Changing into a reality we desire starts with our thoughts and words.

We attract a happy, healthy, peaceful, loving and abundant life when we speak and focus on positivity.

This takes practice and time to master but it is possible. As long as we keep trying, we’ll get the hang of it.

We can talk more about simple and grand things that we love, blessings we received today, things we’re excited about maybe a vacation, book, movie, job or business we’re looking forward to, good things about people and ourselves.

The key to speaking positivity is surrounding ourselves with positive people. These people are the right ones to share and speak of positivity.

Join Facebook groups of your interest and Law of Attraction groups. Always choose a positive, kind and safe online community that you can relate with.

As a group we can share with them our positivity and learn to grow a positive mindset with them.

Our Instagram should also be filled with positive posts from positive friends. We can also start sharing more positive posts too.

Life becomes more awesome when we master a Happiness mindset. Photo by Garon Piceli on Unsplash

Are you decided to be happy? How willing are you to embrace it?

Which one of these would you be willing to try? Post your comments, please.

I’ll be more than happy to exchange thoughts with you.

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Sending you Limitless Positivity and Happiness,


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That One Effective Act that creates greater Happiness and Abundance

Abundance is everywhere. Photo by krystina rogers on Unsplash

Have you noticed that when our needs and desires are met, we feel happy? And how we have the means to do so is through abundance, Right?

Having greater abundance allows us to have our needs and desires met. It helps us be a blessing to others too.

The truth is, we are meant and so worthy of all the happiness and abundance in the world. Being rich starts with our inner world.

Embracing the inner abundance that we have all along empowers us to live our happiness into reality.

How do we attract abundance and happiness? The secret lies in giving. It is the act of being grateful for all the abundance that we have.

Feeling these and acknowledging our inner abundance attracts more of abundance our way.

Light up and give back to the world. Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

As a stay at home mom, I wanted so much to give and thought about ways to do so. I realized that I have more to give.

I have love to care for my family. I have strength, health and energy to help them with chores. I find a way to cook while I looked after my toddler.

I have time to share and treasure every moment with them. I have a heart that beats with compassion, arms that cuddle my child, eyes that see true happiness, beauty and positivity.

I have great health to do good things. I am able to go after my desires through blogging and part time writing.

I have a mind that thinks deep and brilliant happy thoughts. I have a voice that lets me sing and speak with truth and kindness.

There is joy in giving. Photo by TheVirtualDenise on Pixabay

I have creative hands that make beautiful masterpieces with my graphic designs. I have a soul that shines with so much light that fills the darkness away.

I realized I am richer knowing I have everything in me to live the best of life.

The key to gaining abundance and feel greater happiness is to start feeling these feelings. It is being gratefully giving.

When I started giving with what I have, blessings came pouring. I was able to manifest having our internet installed again.

Online jobs opportunities started coming up. I earned my dignity back and gained my peace of mind. We have more financial blessings to keep going to church on Sundays.

Blessings overflow in many ways the more we share them. Photo by Quince media on Pixabay

We get to have more savings. We enjoyed pizza more often. I found new good Christian friends. I’ve found myself back in a deepening loving relationship with Jesus.

I get to access Christian worship songs, Hanson videos and music every day. I tapped into abundance through giving and it has kept me in constant lasting happiness.

I know with God’s grace we will have so much more to give back to others in His perfect time.

The richest are not those that has the most money but the ones who joyfully give, help and share the most.

The ones who love and care for others as much as one loves oneself are immensely abundant.

They act with gratitude, joy love, power and trust that the Universe supplies unlimited abundance to support how they serve and give value to the world.

Reach out and Love more. Photo by Tumisu on Pixabay

When you’re down to nothing, give what you can in your own small ways and be grateful that you can give.

Watch the Universe unfold even more unlimited abundance to you at the time you need it.

Be brave to share with a generous heart. Breakthroughs come from struggles, keep giving in simple ways. It doesn’t always have to be money.

The Universe loves to give you the more you give away some of your abundance (of course, leave some for ourselves too.)

When giving makes you feel good. Photo by TheVirtualDenise on Pixabay

Miracles happen if you become a miracle to others. The greatest joy is enjoying abundance with others through giving and knowing how to graciously receive.

Which qualities do you have are you grateful for and how are you going to be more giving with it? Let’s exchange thoughts.

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