Know why Struggles and Sufferings happen – Be Grateful to be Alive!

Deal and Chill. When you know everything falls into the right place and trust that you’ll always overcome.  Photo from Pixabay.

Why should we be grateful to be alive when there are struggles and suffering? I’ve always been the kind who wondered and tried to make sense of life.

The same way that one of you dear readers, Heavylines have asked, this question is one of the many that I asked myself too. Gratitude. Really? Even on so called “bad” days and my struggles?

Lost in my thoughts about figuring out life.

Of course for the life of me, my old (pessimistic, cynical, melancholic, overly critical and complaining) self couldn’t understand.

The idea was just so ridiculously absurd. I knew I had to get to the bottom of understanding why suffering and struggles happen in the first place.

Do you know those difficult, rude or really mean people in our lives? Well believe it or not they are part of our Soul Contract.

Soul Contracts bind us to the lessons of life through sufferings and struggles. Photo by icame on Pixabay.

By this I mean that before we’re born into this lifetime, we may not recall this at all but our soul has created an agreement with other souls about the kind of lessons that we need to learn.

This is so we can evolve into our higher self. Unless we learn the lesson we’re supposed to learn from these people, it seems these kinds of people will keep showing up into our life or the next lifetime.

Although that part is already meant to happen, we all still have the power of choice to face and learn from these people.

Only then do we stop being a victim to how others treat us. We become the higher self that we are supposed to be.

Remember how I told you about the Immutable Universal Laws? Some of these clarify why struggles and sufferings exist.

All good and bad circumstances begin in the mind. Photo by ivanacoi on Pixabay.

The Law of Cause and Effect explains that most of our struggles and sufferings are because of the consequences of our actions.

Every thought, feeling, words we speak and actions we do either good or bad always comes back to us.

When we subconsciously operate in fear, anger, pain, sadness, jealousy, weakness, victimhood, apathy and all the negativity, more circumstances like these will keep happening.

Our  actions affect others directly and indirectly. Photo by PublicDomainPictures/18042 on Pixabay.

Sadly, even the innocent and good people become the receiving end of such. Our negativity hurts us and the good people around us too because we are all one.

We are connected to one another as the Law of Oneness puts it.

We bloom into the best versions of ourselves after every rain. Photo by Papaver rhoeas on Unsplash.

The Law of Rhythm shows that just like the seasons change, we experience struggles and hardships because we go through phases of growth.

There will be times that things seem to fall apart. This is necessary as a turning point to make positive changes in our lives. It pushes us to look hard into ourselves and still keep moving despite our hardships.

All these struggles and sufferings are temporary as long as we decide to overcome them. We come out stronger and wiser than ever.

Without darkness, we cannot seek and value the light. Photo by 29450 on Pixabay.

The Law of Polarity also plays a part where our struggles and sufferings need to exist.

By having experiences we dislike, we would know the kind of life we really desire. It helps us have a clear and solid focus of what we truly want our lives to be.

We are triumphant over struggles and sufferings with God on our side. Photo by jeffjacobs1990 on Pixabay.

What about war, crimes, natural disasters, diseases, birth defects, oppression and dark spirit possession kind of struggles and suffering?

These are all consequences of all our sins. All, meaning the sin of the entire mankind in general. Our sins kept us cursed and condemned with struggling, suffering and death.

At the same time these struggles and sufferings are tests of faith for those who believe in God. Struggles and sufferings also happen for non believers to see and learn to rely on God’s saving grace.

How can we lessen the struggles and sufferings? List these difficult people and circumstances in your life and write down what lesson you need to learn from these.

Writing unlocks the subconscious and transcends the soul into the higher self. Photo by designedbyjess on Pixabay,

Apply these life lessons when circumstances come up. Forgive these people and circumstances. Send these difficult people unconditional love and light from a distance.

When you start to think and feel negatively, replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

Love conquers darkness. Photo by stokpic on Pexels.

Choose to act with kindness. Immerse yourself in positive music, books, movies, tv shows and positive people. Focus on being grateful.

Take a break or do more things that you enjoy. Love yourself more by eating healthier, sleeping better, appreciating your simple accomplishments and treating yourself with kindness.

Write a vision of the life of your dreams. Create a plan and simple tasks you can do to achieve them. Keep acting on your dreams. Celebrate your simple successes.

Life’s struggles and suffering has got nothing on us when we become one with God. Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

Reflect on your sins. Repent and pray for forgiveness. Stop committing sins as much as possible. Do more good things and spend time to know God.

Grow in faith and deep relationship with God.

Understanding the reason for all the struggles and suffering, why be grateful of being alive?

Life is still beautiful. Choose to stay joyful regardless of struggles and sufferings.
Photo by Daniel Xavier on Pexels.

Being alive simply means we have a fighting chance to change our circumstances.

We learn to become powerful creators of the life we desire and help others become one too. The fact that we are breathing means God through Jesus Christ saved us and paid for our sins so we can live freely.

We live because we are loved, supported, accepted and protected. We are worthy of being saved from sin. We are meant to be part of something bigger.

We shine the brightest by overcoming darker days. Photo by its me neosiam on Pexels.

Being alive shows that we have already won the battle of life even before it started. All the struggles and sufferings mean growth and transformation into our higher self.

Instead of being angry at God, ourselves and the world, instead of hating life and refusing to live, instead of playing the victim and pitying ourselves and everything, why not set and take actions to make things better?

We are born winners. We have everything in us to succeed. Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.

Wonderful breakthroughs come when we surpass beyond our breakdowns. Just take positive actions and keep at it, we are never alone.

We have an Infinite God (Source Energy, Divine Creator or Life Source) guardian angels and spirit guides looking after us.

So what’s there to fear and worry about doing good things and being positive? God (the Universe) always has your back.

Everything happens for you. Use these experiences to live the life of your dreams. No matter the outcome, there’s nothing to lose but greater lessons to gain.

With self growth comes happiness, great health, love, peace and abundance.

What are your thoughts? By all means, write your comments. Let’s talk.

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That One Effective Act that creates greater Happiness and Abundance

Abundance is everywhere. Photo by krystina rogers on Unsplash

Have you noticed that when our needs and desires are met, we feel happy? And how we have the means to do so is through abundance, Right?

Having greater abundance allows us to have our needs and desires met. It helps us be a blessing to others too.

The truth is, we are meant and so worthy of all the happiness and abundance in the world. Being rich starts with our inner world.

Embracing the inner abundance that we have all along empowers us to live our happiness into reality.

How do we attract abundance and happiness? The secret lies in giving. It is the act of being grateful for all the abundance that we have.

Feeling these and acknowledging our inner abundance attracts more of abundance our way.

Light up and give back to the world. Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

As a stay at home mom, I wanted so much to give and thought about ways to do so. I realized that I have more to give.

I have love to care for my family. I have strength, health and energy to help them with chores. I find a way to cook while I looked after my toddler.

I have time to share and treasure every moment with them. I have a heart that beats with compassion, arms that cuddle my child, eyes that see true happiness, beauty and positivity.

I have great health to do good things. I am able to go after my desires through blogging and part time writing.

I have a mind that thinks deep and brilliant happy thoughts. I have a voice that lets me sing and speak with truth and kindness.

There is joy in giving. Photo by TheVirtualDenise on Pixabay

I have creative hands that make beautiful masterpieces with my graphic designs. I have a soul that shines with so much light that fills the darkness away.

I realized I am richer knowing I have everything in me to live the best of life.

The key to gaining abundance and feel greater happiness is to start feeling these feelings. It is being gratefully giving.

When I started giving with what I have, blessings came pouring. I was able to manifest having our internet installed again.

Online jobs opportunities started coming up. I earned my dignity back and gained my peace of mind. We have more financial blessings to keep going to church on Sundays.

Blessings overflow in many ways the more we share them. Photo by Quince media on Pixabay

We get to have more savings. We enjoyed pizza more often. I found new good Christian friends. I’ve found myself back in a deepening loving relationship with Jesus.

I get to access Christian worship songs, Hanson videos and music every day. I tapped into abundance through giving and it has kept me in constant lasting happiness.

I know with God’s grace we will have so much more to give back to others in His perfect time.

The richest are not those that has the most money but the ones who joyfully give, help and share the most.

The ones who love and care for others as much as one loves oneself are immensely abundant.

They act with gratitude, joy love, power and trust that the Universe supplies unlimited abundance to support how they serve and give value to the world.

Reach out and Love more. Photo by Tumisu on Pixabay

When you’re down to nothing, give what you can in your own small ways and be grateful that you can give.

Watch the Universe unfold even more unlimited abundance to you at the time you need it.

Be brave to share with a generous heart. Breakthroughs come from struggles, keep giving in simple ways. It doesn’t always have to be money.

The Universe loves to give you the more you give away some of your abundance (of course, leave some for ourselves too.)

When giving makes you feel good. Photo by TheVirtualDenise on Pixabay

Miracles happen if you become a miracle to others. The greatest joy is enjoying abundance with others through giving and knowing how to graciously receive.

Which qualities do you have are you grateful for and how are you going to be more giving with it? Let’s exchange thoughts.

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Understand these 12 Immutable Universal Laws to Manifest and Live the Best Life


Have you ever asked why circumstances are happening? I do. A lot. I asked why me? I wonder so much about life.

I wished there’s a school that actually taught about figuring out what life is about and how to really live it.

I’ve always tried to find the answers but couldn’t find any. Maybe I haven’t looked at life hard enough or even reflected on myself that much.

I’m the kind who always needed reasons for most things.

Lately I was going through family conflicts, financial struggles and health issues. On my way to the doctor, I prayed and sent bright white light to everyone at home.

I was searching for answers. I suddenly got the urge to drop by the grocery store.

So I did and as I got in the music played: (*sings in my best Mariah Carey voice*)“Look inside you and be strong, and you’ll finally see the truth, that the hero lies in you.”

I knew it was meant for me. I cried a bit because I’m so lost. I don’t know how I’d be strong but sure enough I know that the Universe is telling me that I’m the only one who can save myself.

I took on my self development journey because by working on myself, I could save others.

By the time I got to the hospital, I stopped by the chapel. I finally asked God, I may not know or understand why things are happening but I trust and leave everything to you.

Few days later, I came across a powerful video that changed my perspective about life on a deeper level.

My favorite Spiritual Mindset Coach Kathrin Zenkina taught about these 12 Spiritual Laws.

I was so enlightened! I know the Universe led me to watch her Coffee Chat video that day.

I just knew she was sent to share this wisdom and it resonated to my current situation. Instantly I saw my circumstances with a deeper understanding.

She explained each Spiritual Law clearly. I just have to take notes. I asked her if I could share her Coffee chat video on my Facebook wall and write about it in my blog.

I was so thrilled that Kathrin approved of my request.

If ever you’ve had enough wondering about life. It’s about time that you learn and live accordingly to these Universal Laws.

I call these Universal and immutable because these applies to how everything in the Universe operates continuously. It never stops. Here’s what they are:

1.Law of Attraction.

 Happy thoughts, words and feelings create happy circumstances. Photo by Trandoshan on Pixabay

The thoughts, words and feelings we think, say and feel magnetize the things, people and circumstances to us. It is possible for us to set intention to the Universe and get our desires!

When we train ourselves to positively think, say and feel accordingly towards our desires, the Universe cannot help but give you all your desires.

2.Law of Correspondence.

The reality of our desires starts within. Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash


Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. When we change our inner world with positive self-talk and belief systems, our outer reality follows.

3.Law of Cause and Effect.

Our actions always finds its way back to us. Choose to create ripples of love. Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

This is also mostly known as the Law of Karma. Anything that we do comes back to us.

4.Law of Relativity.

See beyond the circumstances and choose to grow into your higher self. Photo by Daniil Avilov on Unsplash

Our journey is going to be filled with challenges that are necessary for us to grow into our highest good.

All of these challenges can only make us grow depending on how we see it.

We have a choice to see ourselves as a victim or a survivor. We respond accordingly to the meaning we give our situation.

Often times we seem to make a big fuss about simple thing or overanalyze more than what the actual situation is.

We all have a blind side. We can’t see the good in our challenges because we’re in it.

The only way to gain perspective is to step back from the situation.

Stepping back allows us objectively find a solution, let go of things beyond our control and have control over ourselves.

5. Law of Oneness.

We are powerful creators of our reality! Photo by Kristendawn on Pixabay

All of us and God are one. We share God’s divine power to create our desires into reality.

The success of others means we can succeed. All the good possibilities of others can be ours too.

Being happy, supportive and excited for others’ happiness and breakthroughs make us more open to having a good life for ourselves.

6. Law of Rhythm.

Just as the sun always rises, so can you. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

As the saying goes, there is a time for everything. Know that things happen at the right time. Just as the seasons change, we should go with the flow.

There will be times when we get stuck or sick or tired, it only means we need to rest, slow down or just have fun.

Once we’re refreshed and inspiration hits, we make the most of it. We need to surrender to the times we need to rest so we can flourish and harvest the fruits of our efforts.

7. Law of Polarity.

Light and Darkness exist to create balance. Photo by 29450 on Pixabay

Opposites like good and bad exist. These help us gain clarity of our desires. When things doesn’t seem to go well, strive to still be grateful.

It opens our eyes to be really sure of what we really want our lives to be.

8. Law of Gender.

Shine your light. Photo by Gabriel Brandt on Unsplash

Everyone has a feminine and masculine energy. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung described the Female energy among men as the Anima (being relational and caring of others) while the Masculine energy in women as Animus (Reasoning-oriented).

Female energy is all about receiving and alignment with our goals. Masculine energy is focused on action and giving. Using both energies with balance allows us to achieve more of the life we desire.

9. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.

Be the light that heals our world. Photo by Pixel2013 on Pixabay Edited by Me 

The higher vibration of positivity and happiness we have, the more all the low vibrations around us are consumed.

We can uplift others just by being happy, encouraging and compassionate.

Our high vibrations are powerful in changing our life. As much as possible, our moods and belief system should remain unfazed or shaken by negativity.

10. Law of Action.

Work on your dreams and the Universe will conspire with you to make your dreams happen. Photo by Skitterphoto on Unsplash

This is taking inspired action towards our desired life. All the things we want will materialize physically as long as we take inspired actions to receive it.

How do you know if you’re taking inspired action? If it feels easy and natural for you. If doing the task makes you feel good about yourself.

11.Law of Vibration.

Happy vibrations speeds up receiving our desires. Photo by geralt on Pixabay


We are vibrational beings and so is everything. We are all made up of tiny atoms constantly vibrating.

The way we are always emitting, transferring and receiving frequency, we can use these to match our desires energetically.

We can do this by constantly feeling the feelings of already having what we want.

12. Law of Compensation.

pexels-photo-587835 (1)
We gain more by giving. Photo by Martijn Adegeest on Pexels

Blessings overflow more freely to us in many ways when we are more giving and helpful without expectations of getting something out of it in return.

The positive connections, relationship and value we share with others are never in vain.

Surely, the Universe finds a way to multiply our blessings back to us at the right time.

Applying these Laws into our live is bound to create an amazing life for us.

We may not wrap our minds into it right away, but once we figure it out, we will see life in a better light.

As we change our mindset, our reality of happiness, abundance, health, peace and love follows.

I find peace knowing I am in control of my inner world and that God, the Universe always always supports me in every way.

Which Universal Law resonates with you? Let’s exchange thoughts in the comments.

I find so much hope in great things ahead upon knowing these 12 Universal Laws. I really wish it gave you hope too.

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