How Theta Healing gave me Lasting Happiness

Healed and Feeling so good. Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

Have you ever had a sudden surge of emotions, so intense, you don’t even know what to do with it and why?

I felt that way many times before. I have always been one to love solitude. Aaah the freedom to just be and breathe. I’d be this happy and relaxed introvert after a long period of alone time.

Every time I’d be around people I get a whirlwind of feelings from tired, angry, sad or anxious. I get headaches too.

I just wanted to get away from it all. I’d get a sense if people are real to me or telling lies. I couldn’t stand conflicts, loud noise, horror or news.

All these years I just discovered I’m an Empath. (Yes there are people like that, who knew?!)

Empaths are deeply caring and compassionate souls. Photo by Naletu on Unsplash

An Empath is someone who feels and absorbs the emotions and energies of people around them.

Sometimes it’s too much that it makes me cry for some reason I don’t know. Only to find out someone in my proximity is carrying intense sadness.

I felt so exhausted and angry out of nowhere too. It’s as if I’m feeling the weight of the world in my shoulders. I wanted to shut off completely.

I know there’s got to be a way to stop all this from affecting me. All I want to be is happy and have a happy life – to make God and others happy.

In my happiness journey, I’ve become mindful of the energy I choose to be around with.

I’ve been very grateful of every single blessing. I focused my thoughts on my blessings, positivity and my blog.

With all the effort and enjoyment that I’m going through in my happiness journey, I felt so alone and misunderstood.

It was to the extent that others would project all sorts of negativity. It was too much.

The negativity of people that seeped through me took a toll on me a day before my birthday.

Thank God for technology, I reached out to amazing women who shared positive and protective vibes for me. I was touched by the love and support they’ve given.

Angels and Miracles are real. Photo by sommi on Unsplash

A kind-hearted woman, Evelyn offered me a 1 hour Theta Healing session as a birthday gift. I was in tears of joy that someone would thought of giving me a gift.

It was the first time I heard of Theta healing, I was curious and willing to heal back to my happy self again.

So I fought over my shyness and sent her a message. She allowed me to set an appointment. My heart is filled with joy as I write this. I didn’t have a grand birthday party.

I do have my inner celebration of myself and gratitude though. My gratitude brought me simple gifts like popcorn, pizza, J.Co doughnuts and a thousand cash gift cheque. They were simple and I’m so thankful for all of them.

But best of all, I was looking forward to receive her Theta Healing gift. I could sense something good about it.

Also, it isn’t everyday that I receive such a wonderful one of a kind gift. I was quite embarrassed that I wasn’t able to show up at 8:00 pm because my child held my hands and kept me away from my phone. I guess my little one wants her mom all to herself.

It was so kind of Evelyn to call me on messenger once my child fell asleep. We started the Theta Healing session.

She asked me to drink water and relax. I asked if there’d be any side effect. I was told it would be spiritual crisis or spiritual healing.

Some people may become grouchy because they’re adjusting to the positive changes in me.

Evelyn asked me permission for each part of the healing. She removed any wayward spirits, spiritual attachment and soul fragments that were making me tired and sad.

All of these were removed and sent back to the Creator. She also balanced my energy.

I felt a tickling sensation at the top of my head. Like something being removed on a few strands of my hair. It made me smile.

She told me to take deep breaths. Evelyn surrounded me in a bright white light of protection. I began to feel lighter and lighter. I felt happier and happier.

My ever strong Bright White Light protective bubble! I feel so invincible. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Evelyn also did a body scan. She told me something was sitting in my head. I asked if it could be my anxiety towards child safety and money. She began to heal this by releasing these fears into the light.

The fears were replaced with money being an unlimited resource. She gave me assurance that my child and I are always safe.

I find Evelyn very fun to speak with and she made me feel comfortable around her.

She also asked if there’s any pressure on me to have another child. She affirmed to me that it’s okay to enjoy my little one and my body as it is.

I received affirmation that the next baby will arrive at the perfect time.

She could tell my hips need alignment and recommended me to do some hips alignment exercise. She said I have a healthy body over all.

I was so glad to know I’m in good health. She advised me to be grateful of every situation and write on my journal the things that I am going through.

I was so happy and all the exhaustion I have been feeling were gone. She advised me to always vibrate higher with the highest vibration- love. She told me positive shifts are going to happen.

True enough, my hubby’s become more productive at work, I’m much happier and strongly protected from others’ energies, an extra 2 thousand cash suddenly appeared in my wallet (I swear our budget was almost used up well for the month), my little one got a new dress, I sleep much better, I’m becoming more well adjusted to being a mom and my family life is becoming more peaceful.

I’m just very grateful.

Evelyn healed me back to happiness. I’m so grateful to her beyond words. She made my birthday the best one ever. I dedicate this article to her and for me to remember my first Theta Healing experience.

I couldn’t state enough how important it is to heal ourselves to achieve lasting happiness. We owe it to ourselves to be free from things which no longer serve us.

Just like me, you are so worthy of Self love and healing. I highly recommend you to book an appointment with Evelyn for your Theta Healing.

You can reach her on her Facebook page @lovespurelight. To learn more about Theta Healing, it is best to go here.

I can say that if not for Evelyn, I wouldn’t be back to my happy self. I wouldn’t be here sharing the best way to heal fast as an Empath.

Chilling like a healed Empath and loving it. Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

She uplifted me. I am just so happy and excited to share back about Theta Healing and happiness to the world.

Now that I’m beginning to cope well, I fully embrace myself as an Empath. I’m such for a reason – to make the world brighter with love and light!

For anyone of us who may believe we have anxiety or just going weird crazy, you may want to look into yourself twice. You just might be an Empath after all. You can take an Empath test here.

I’ll be telling you more about ways to keep happiness while being an Empath. Stay tuned next week.

Are you an Empath too?

Did you ever had an Empath moment where you really feel the happiness or pain of others, as if the feelings were yours?

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