The 3 Sure fire Ways to a Happiness Mindset

There is power in a Happiness Mindset! We are happy as we choose to be. Photo by bruce mars on Pexels

Was there a time when your mind and body tells you that you can’t do a certain task (the mandatory school requirement, daunting chores, business or work task even personal goals) but you did it anyway?

What’s more is that to your surprise, you did it really well. With flying colors.

Our mind says a million lies. It tells us our limits to keep us safe.

These thoughts of doubts, fear, unworthiness, guilt, shame and worry hold us back from living our desired reality.

A Happiness mindset means breaking free and taking your power back from limiting thoughts.

I’m just going to tell you this truth. You are smarter than your mind.

Go beyond your thoughts and try. It’s about time that you take power over your mind.

I struggled with low pain tolerance but I endured vaccines and Cesarean operation for my child.

I get exhausted easily but I withstand doing most chores and caring for my child with few hours of sleep.

I’m an introvert but guess what, I learned to like being around people.

I’m an empath and I transmute dark energy with my loving light. I said I’d publish my poetry book and novel.

Life got in the way (got sidetracked and everything) but guess what? In 4 years time, I published them online.

It happened. No matter how long it took, I made it happen.

If you’d like to know how to tame your thoughts to your advantage, here’s what we can always do to have a happiness mindset:

1.Smash Your Limiting Beliefs.

A Happiness Mindset is awakened through rewriting your own Empowering story. Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Reframe your Limiting beliefs into Empowering beliefs. You can do this by writing down 5 limiting beliefs each about yourself, family, love, health and money.

For each Limiting belief, think of ways how this cannot be true in general. Cross out those Limiting Beliefs one at a time.

Write a positive truth and make it your Empowering belief from now on. For instance a limiting belief that says “You need to work hard to earn money.”

There are people earning so much money doing their passion for a living. Other people earn through investing in stocks.

This lets them earn passively without having to work so hard.

Replace such belief into an Empowering Belief: “Money can be earned by enjoying your passion or through passive income.”

2.Train your Subconscious.

I am a limited kind of awesome.png
Embrace and speak well of your true inner brilliance.

Affirmations are positive statements that condition the mind consciously and subconsciously to develop improved actions, habits and feelings.

Choose which part of yourself you’d like to improve in terms of self-love, health, relationships and money.

Find 1 or 2 affirmation that suits best the aspect of your life you’d like to improve.

Take time alone to say these affirmations to yourself out loud with feelings 10 times every day.

A Happiness Mindset creates greater blessings when you love the greatness in you. Photo by bruce mars on Pexels

Say it and really mean it from your heart. You can do this while you look in the mirror by yourself.

You can also write these affirmations in your journal 10 times straight. Write these every day.

You can also repeat these affirmations in your mind while waiting in line some place safe, washing the dishes or sweeping the floor.

At first, it may seem to feel fake saying and writing these affirmations but keep going. You know better than your mind.

Gradually soon enough, your mind would stop resisting and agree along with these affirmations.

You start becoming your higher self – you uncover the awesome brilliance that is in you all along.

You can either make your own or try these Affirmations that I made.

Self Love and Self Worth: 

  • I am worthy of happiness, abundance, love, peace and great health.
  • I am beautiful, awesome and brilliant in my own way.
  • I love myself unconditionally.


  • I am strong, energetic and healthy.
  • I always feel great about my body.
  • I feel alive and well every day.


  • I am loved and supported by the people around me.
  • I am always appreciated and accepted as I am.


  • I am richly blessed in many ways.
  • Money is always overflowing to me.

Saying these affirmations allow your mind to think more positively. It transforms your outside world by starting with your inner reality.

You would notice that you treat yourself better either by eating healthy, sleeping well, drinking more water, doing exercises, engaging in hobbies that make you happy and people, ideas and opportunities are coming up to you.

The Universe begins to conspire to give you all that you need, the nudges for you to act and receive your desires.

You just need to listen and follow through those nudges. These always are positive nudges.

Soon enough, life starts to become what you decide to make of it.

3.Speak the language of Positivity.

Positive words and Happiness mindset brings miracles into existence. Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels

Positive wording is choosing to speak mostly good about everyone and everything including about yourself.

Changing into a reality we desire starts with our thoughts and words.

We attract a happy, healthy, peaceful, loving and abundant life when we speak and focus on positivity.

This takes practice and time to master but it is possible. As long as we keep trying, we’ll get the hang of it.

We can talk more about simple and grand things that we love, blessings we received today, things we’re excited about maybe a vacation, book, movie, job or business we’re looking forward to, good things about people and ourselves.

The key to speaking positivity is surrounding ourselves with positive people. These people are the right ones to share and speak of positivity.

Join Facebook groups of your interest and Law of Attraction groups. Always choose a positive, kind and safe online community that you can relate with.

As a group we can share with them our positivity and learn to grow a positive mindset with them.

Our Instagram should also be filled with positive posts from positive friends. We can also start sharing more positive posts too.

Life becomes more awesome when we master a Happiness mindset. Photo by Garon Piceli on Unsplash

Are you decided to be happy? How willing are you to embrace it?

Which one of these would you be willing to try? Post your comments, please.

I’ll be more than happy to exchange thoughts with you.

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Sending you Limitless Positivity and Happiness,


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